CCL 2.x Knowledge Base - Table of Contents

Note: Most "bug" articles include workarounds

INFO: Setting up a "Remote Desktop Support Session"

HOWTO: Avoid displaying the CCL fields when you print an item

HOWTO: Using Contact Communications Logging with Office XP

BUG: The CCL add-in disappears when marked as "trusted" under Outlook 2002

BUG: Folder associations and CCL public contact folder buttons disappear if Exchange server cannot be contacted

BUG: Cannot customize toolbar with CCL enabled

HOWTO: Using CCL with multiple users on one workstation

HOWTO: Log sent mail to the Public Journal folder

INFO: Trial Version Expired

BUG: Right-clicking a folder before it fully loads causes "unexpected error"

FIXED BUG: Switching from Calendar to Outlook Today page causes error

FIXED BUG: Using a CCL button on the main Outlook window with multiple inspectors open creates many new windows

FIXED BUG: Outlook disappears when browsing messages in the Inbox

Removing contact email address disassociates logged email

Outlook jams with hourglass displayed when opened by clicking an email link from a web page

FIXED BUG: "Object variable or with block variable not set" on clicking Log for an untracked contact