This page contains support information for old versions of Contact Communications Logging.

 Version 2.x

If you are experiencing difficulties with version 2, check the mini CCL 2.x Knowledge Base.

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Upgrade Pricing

Version 3 of the software is a major
new release with several useful new features. If you are interested in upgrading, please contact Please note our special upgrade pricing period is over. CCL2 users can now upgrade for 30% off the regular price of version 3 licenses, as follows:

License Pack
Upgrade Cost
1 Workstation License
5 Workstation Licenses
10 Workstation Licenses
Unlimited Usage License

Licensing Update

Due to unforseen circumstances regarding the third-party vendor of the CCL 2 copy protection component, we can no longer generate unlock codes online. To assign your version 2 licenses, please send an email with the
customer code (the number given to you by the CCL software), and your company name, to and we will manually generate an unlock code for you (provided you have enough licenses left, of course!)

We have developed our own licensing/copy-protection system that will be implemented in future editions of the software. Additionally, we have assessed the long-term sustainability of all other companies providing third-party components in our products, to ensure such an incident does not occur again.