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If you have any problems with setup, check out our mini CCL 2.x Knowledge Base.

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CCL2.1.0.158.exe or

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Previous and Diagnostic Versions of CCL:

If you are having the difficulties described in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q279764 when running the CCL setup program, or are having trouble getting setup to run on Windows 98, use the link below to download a special release of CCL packed with an older version of OLEAUT32.DLL. Please be aware that this release is not supported by Leapbeyond Solutions Inc. and is intended for diagnostic purposes only. We always recommend having the latest service pack for your operating system installed, before using Contact Communications Logging.

CCL2.1.0.158-PreWinSP2.exe or

Note, because the version of CCL was released very recently, the following previoius versions are also available for download:

CCL2.1.0.113-NoSP2.exe (unsupported)