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Leapbeyond Solutions has completed an independant pilot program evaluating wireless equipment from an assortment of vendors under a variety of operating circumstances. A resulting white paper is available in the link to the right, answering many practical questions about the technology.

We sell and install a complete line of wireless devices including:

  •  Network Interface Cards
  •  USB Port Products
  •  Access Points
  •  Routers
  •  Home Networking Kits

Wireless is a new technology, constantly being changed and improved upon. We make it our business to stay on top of the latest advances, and even if other so-called professionals have told you wireless is impossible at your site or won't acheive necessary speeds, they may be mistaken. To get a reliable evaluation, go to an expert - one who has done their homework.

Contact us to have a representative visit your site today and give you a quote.


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