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By supplying network access as coverage areas throughout your building instead of fixed outlets, your staff is afforded a truly unrestricted degree of mobility. Laptop and other portable devices can be carried around the building with constant connectivity. Workstations can be relocated with ease, and reorganizing the office in the event of rennovation is no longer a nightmare.

Transferrable Infrastructure

When a traditional wired network is installed into a building, it remains a fixed asset tied to the structure. Wireless allows you to transfer your investment, and results in minimum downtime when moving or expanding your network to a new site.


Wireless technology can be implemented by itself or in combination with your current wired network.

No Disruption

Wireless can be set up in a fraction of the time it takes to install traditional networks. The need for drilling and other destructive work to your building is eliminated, resulting in a quiet, truly unobtrusive installation experience.


Expansion of a wireless network is usually a simple matter of adding more access points. When faster WLAN technology is introduced to the market, the equipment can be purchased without the need to worry about expensive upgrading of behind-the-wall wiring.


Wireless can acheive a throughput of 11 Mbps. That matches the speed of traditional networks, and translates to copying a 10 megabyte file in under 15 seconds.


Although the initial investment is larger than that for wired networks, quicker installation, lower maintenance costs and the advent of consumer-priced technology make wireless a very competitive alternative. Some companies realize long-term saving by using wireless networking.


Use of encryption secures your wireless communication channel, and denies access to unauthorized service "spoofers".

Popular Uses

  •  home owners that wish to network computers without damaging walls and ceilings, or connect through a laptop from anwhere in or around their household
  •  businesses operating in leased premises.
  •  hotels, museums, libraries and other public buildings or hospitality industries where installation of traditional networking would create an unacceptable intrusion
  •  apartment complexes where tenants wish to share access to high-speed internet
  •  large academic and corporate institutions desiring seamless connectivity throughout their campus

Leapbeyond Solutions offers complete wireless installation and maintenance services.