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INFO: Hidden CCL Options

Posted: February 6, 2004
Modified: January 24, 2009
Current version of CCL as of modified date: 3.0.1192


There are few CCL options that can only be set by making registry changes. They are generally only used for troubleshooting purposes. Note this section is for advanced users only, and provided only for informational purposes.

Leapbeyond Solutions takes no responsibility for any damages that may be caused from this article or from editing the registry on your machine.


All the below keys exist under <root>\Software\Leapbeyond\CCL, where <root> is HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE depending on if CCL was installed for only the current user, or all users. Note you'll have to close down and restart Outlook for changes to take effect.

NeverLoadToolbars (dword, version 1093 and later)
1 = Toolbar module is not loaded

AlwaysUseFolderFields (dword, version 1084 and later)
1 = all user properties are stored in the folder (note this doesn't apply to Extended MAPI properties)

ShowCCL2ButtonsOnInspectors (dword, version 1084 and later)
Please see this article for more information.

InboxIsOutgoingToo (dword, version 1134 and later)
On incoming emails, CCL normally only looks at the sender (FROM) field to check if the message is from a tracked contact. Setting this option to 1 will cause CCL to treat the Inbox as both an "incoming" and "outgoing" folder. This means CCL will look at all recipient fields (FROM, TO, CC) and log the email if any of them contain a tracked contact. Normally, you would only enable this option if you are expecting people from outside your organization to send you messages and CC your tracked contacts. Note that enabling this setting may cause duplicate messages to appear in your public journal folder in some circumstances.

StripAttachments (dword, version 1192 and later)
If 1, attachments are removed on logged copies. Does not affect the original item.