CCL 3.x Knowledge Base - Table of Contents

Note: Most "bug" articles include workarounds

INFO: Setting up a "Remote Desktop Support Session"

HOWTO: Tips for running CCL under Windows Vista

INFO: Tips for Working Offline

INFO: Additional Tips for Enterprise Deployment

HOWTO: Troubleshoot if CCL isn't loading

HOWTO: Make a new Word letter to a contact and have CCL log it

HOWTO: Avoid displaying the CCL fields when you print an item

HOWTO: Showing the old-style CCL buttons on the contact window

HOWTO: Link an email to additional tracked contacts when composing

INFO: Trial Version Expired

INFO: Hidden CCL Options

INFO: Why the Entry Type column may not appear to populate on the Activities View

BUG: CCL doesn't always log messages from contacts who are in your Global Address List

BUG: The first time after you turn on the "Show CCL 2 buttons" feature, Outlook 2000 does not close completely

FIXED BUG: Items don't log when running CCL with other 3rd Party Outlook software (e.g. Symmantec Antivirus Corporate)

BUG: CCL Stops Logging when Outlook Language doesn't match Windows language