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How do I get started?

A Leapbeyond Solutions professional will work with you to determine your networking needs. We offer the following wired-network services, as well as a number of wireless solutions.

  •   running of cable and installation of jacks
  •   installation of hubs/switches and patch panels
  •   set up of servers and server software
  •   configuration of current clients and set up of new workstations
  •   implementation of special capabilities such as dial-in access, remote control, etc.


We stand by our installations. In addition to flexible support plans, Leapbeyond Solutions is a leader in remote network support, meaning we won't always have to come to your site to fix problems. That translates to lower support costs for you.

The Bottom Line

No matter what type of network you choose to install, it is bound to increase your efficiency and add new capabilities to your workplace. Leapbeyond Solutions has the knowledge and resources to get your network operating at peak efficiency in as little time as possible. That means more savings and more sales, when it comes to your bottom line.

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