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Why network?

Any place you have computers, and have used floppy disks to copy files, is an appropriate place to network. But networks provide far more capabilities beyond simple file sharing. They allow offices to streamline processes, households to share Internet access and play multiplayer games, and schools to modernize.

Centralize your data

Martin is a sales manager. He gets a call from a customer, and jots down their order on a scap of paper. Later in the week, his associate, Rebecca, receives a follow-up call from the customer. Rebecca doesn't know where to find the information on the order, and Martin is out of the office. The customer cancels the order and decides to go somewhere else.

Centralizing your company's informational assets keeps it all at your fingertips all the time, and allows employees to keep it up to date, from anywhere. No more typing in the same thing twice, or wondering what the most recent quote was for a job.

Streamline your workflows

Virtually all operations involving more than one computer workstation can be accelerated using networks. Large files can be transferred in seconds without disks, appointment schedules can be shared in real time, and using the right software, many labour intensive routines can be automated.

Share the Internet

The power of Internet access is a reason in itself to install a network. The ability to share access increases the value of homes, attracts more executive clients to hotels, and adds a uniquely competitive edge to the sale of building complexes - offices, condominiums and new townhouse complexes alike.

Networking isn't just for businesses! At Leapbeyond Solutions, we've made networking affordable enough to be appealing to homeowners looking to increase the value of their house.