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HOWTO: Running CCL on Windows Vista

Posted: January 20, 2008
Updated: January 16, 2009
CCL Version as of original posting: 3.0.1160

NOTE: The latest version of CCL includes enhancements for better compatibility under Vista.


This article contains several tips for running CCL under Windows Vista.

Tip 1: Install CCL for current user only.

Because of the new User Account Control (UAC) feature in Windows Vista, CCL does not have access to certain machine-level settings (e.g. HKLM registry keys) when running under Outlook.

If during the installation you selected "Anyone who uses this computer", you'll notice when you try to change settings a small banner reading "Insufficient registry access" is shown accross the bottom of the dialog. In order to make changes, you'll need to close outlook, choose Start | Run, type in outlook.exe and then hold down CTRL and SHIFT while you press Enter. This will start Outlook with elevated priviledges, enabling you to make changes to CCL settings.

You can switch to "Current user only" configuration by going into Tools | Options | Contact Communications Logging | Advanced and unchecking Load this addin for all users on this machine.

Alternatively you can purchase an Enterprise license for CCL and use the Enterprise Deployment Tools to install the software for all (or selected) workstations / users in your domain.