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BUG: CCL Stops Logging when Outlook Language doesn't match Windows language

Posted: September 18, 2006
Current CCL Version as of posting: 3.0.1151
Updated: ________
Fixed: Release ________

A fix for this issue is pending. Please contact if you are experiencing this issue.


There are two user interface languages available in CCL: French and English. Presently, the language displayed is determined by the language setting of Windows. However, it is possible for a user to be running Windows in English, and Outlook in French (or vice versa). If the Windows and Outlook languages don't match, CCL will display the wrong language in its UI, and the logging function will cease to work.

The mismatch problem can easily be identified, as the CCL dialog will be seen in a different language than the rest of Outlook.


Until a fix is released, users must set Windows and Outlook to the same language setting.


A fix is pending to cause CCL to determine it's UI based on the selected language of Outlook, rather than Windows.