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INFO: Tips for Working Offline

Posted: October 9, 2005

CCL works with Outlook 2003's Cached Mode, as well as Outlook's Work Offline mode.

  1. Enable the feature in Tools | Email Accounts | Next | Change | More Settings | Advanced.
    Check off both Use Cached Exchange Mode and Download Public Folder Favorites.

  2. Close outlook. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and make sure the OUTLOOK.EXE process is killed. Then start Outlook again.

  3. Using the right mouse button, drag your public contact folder into Public Folders\Favorites. Repeat for your public journal folder, and any other public folder you want to take with you offline.

  4. In the properties for the public contact folder which is under Favorites, update the Activities pointer to the logged items folder under the Favorites tree, rather than the one under All Public Folders.

  5. Configure CCL to use the folders under Favorites instead of the ones under All Public Folders.

  6. Once Outlook has finished synchronizing with the server, select File | Work Offline and create new test items to make sure your offline mode is working correctly.