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FIXED BUG: Items don't log when running CCL with other 3rd Party Outlook software (e.g. Symmantec Antivirus Corporate)

Posted: May 13, 2004
Current version of CCL as of posting: 3.0.1094


Previous to build 1094, CCL sometimes fails to log messages when running certain third-party Outlook software. You can see what other third-party addins are installed by checking the following locations in Outlook: Tools | Options | Other | Advanced | COM Addins and Tools | Options | Other | Advanced | Addins.

Typically this error occurs if both CCL and the other software (or an Outlook rule) are trying to access a new incoming message at the same time.


Upgrade to the latest version of CCL (version 3.0.1094 or later). It introduces a new feature that delays processing of new items, allowing sufficient time for other software to finish operations on the message before CCL begins its processing.