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HOWTO: Link an email to additional tracked contacts when composing

Posted: January 13, 2004
Current version of CCL as of posting: 3.0.1084

Note this article now is included in the CCL help file.


Your company's staff may want to send email regarding a client to each other, without sending a copy to the client. This article describes how to link any message to a contact when sending it, so that it shows up in the contact's Activity tab.


  1. Create a new mail message
  2. On the message toolbar, press Options. If you can't see this button, choose View | Options from the menu bar.
  3. Press the Contacts button. You can now select contacts associated with the email from a tracked public folder.
  4. Send the email.

After the message appears in your Sent Items folder, it should be logged and linked to the contact.