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We offer complete and affordable services in a variety of categories. Below is a technical description covering our areas of expertise. Please contact us if you need more information.

Computer Equipment Sales and Service

We sell and service all the components you need to modernize your office. We also offer:

  •  custom-built Intel-based PC's for home and corporate use
  •  sales of computer components and peripherals
  •  third-party support for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 platforms (workstations and servers)

Networking Services

We offer complete Internet planning and deployment services at affordable prices.


  •  complete implementation of wireless technology
  •  running of CAT-5 ethernet cables
  •  installation of jacks
  •  wiring fault troubleshooting
  •  installation and configuration of network cards
  •  hub and patch-panel set up
  •  power protection solutions
  •  gateway to Internet connections
  •  sales and configuration of affordable servers and workstations


We have extensive expertise in the following operating environments:

  •  Windows 95 and 98
  •  Windows NT/2000 Server and Workstation
  •  IPX/SPX, NetBeui and TCP-IP protocols used in peer-to-peer and server environments
  •  popular control services including DHCP, DNS, Remote Access, VPN's, Internet Information Services, email and conferencing servers, shared and roaming user profiles, etc.

As well, we can assist in developing a comprehensive directory and security structure for your enterprise which will take advantage of security features in Windows NT or 2000.

Custom Software

We offer custom software in two forms: add-ons to inexpensive, commercially available software; and complete application suites written from scratch. Our programmers have expertise in the following language technologies:

  •  Visual Basic and Visual Basic.NET
  •  PalmOS
  •  Java
  •  Microsoft Office programming
  •  database programming using Jet, SQL Server and ODBC
  •  Active-X controls
  •  Multi-tiered, object-based applications
  •  Windows API and DLL function utilization
  •  Windows 2000 speech synthesis technology

We offer a number of post-sales support plans with our solutions.

Internet Services

  •  domain name searching and registration
  •  Internet site set up
  •  website maintenance
  •  interactive Java and DHTML scripting
  •  CGI scripting
  •  activity monitoring and statistics logging